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About Us

Breen Agricultural Services Ltd. is a family company established in 1983 in Crane, Monageer, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford by Jim and Tom Breen. The company has since been bought out by Tom, and Jim still maintains an interest in the company but spends most of his time working as an agronomist with the U.N. in Africa

Agrochemical sales has been the backbone of our business since the beginning and we provide good advice to our customers in return for their custom. We pride ourselves on our service and most of our business is repeat so we need the trust of our customers to stay in business. We do not abuse this trust. We recognize the necessity to be ethical in our use of chemicals while delivering the required yields and quality at farm level.

Breenflex Ltd, our sister company, manufactures the Breenflex range of liquid fertilisers and Breen Agri sells the range at wholesale and retail level throughout the country. This system of fertilisation is very efficient and environmentally friendly and offers farmers a way to survive in the new climate of environmental regulation. We believe that this system of fertilisation has a lot to offer to today’s farmer and into the future.

Our aim is to work with our customers and provide them with products and systems that allow them to prosper in today and tomorrow's environment, thereby ensuring our own prosperity. Sustainability is our aim, for the environment, for our customers and through them, for our own business. We recognize the need for adaptation and change in all healthy businesses and ours is no different. Therefore, we try to be forward-looking and embrace change as a necessary part of life.

The next generation of Breens has now arrived on the scene. David is the computer and I.T. person and is responsible for the operation of this website but has chosen a career in computers outside of the company. We will continue to use him when we have problems in this area and wish him all the best in his new work.

Tommy is the newest addition to the fold. Tommy’s expertise is in business management and sales. He has been concentrating on building up his knowledge of farming and business practise since his arrival back in 2013. He is an eager student of the business and is growing into his new role with enthusiasm.

We look forward to a future based on the good foundation laid down since 1983. To succeed, we will need to use all our wits in partnership with our valued customer base. Hopefully, we will find a way to remain relevant and useful to our customers so that we all find a way to survive and prosper in a future where the only thing certain is change. How we react to change will determine our future and the same law applies to our customers.