In 1994 Breen Agri partnered with the Danish Flex Fertilizer systemä manufacturing the BreenFlex range of liquid fertilisers. This is a complete fertiliser system for soil health, crop performance (both quality and yield) and nutrient management.

The BreenFlex range covers the full spectrum of major, minor and trace elements necessary for crop and animal production. It allows precision placement of fertiliser whether applied as a foliar or on the soil.

This system dramatically decreases emissions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere while also decreasing nitrate leaching thus protecting our groundwater.

The stable nature of BreenFlex liquid fertiliser means nutrients remain accessible to the plant while resisting lock-up often associated with traditional fertiliser. This leads to healthier, more balanced plants and soils, which in turn provide us with healthier and more balanced crops.

Healthy soil – healthy crops – healthy animals – healthy people.

We have recently installed a new state of the art production plant which can tailor a fertiliser to your specific crop and soil needs. Our partnership with Flex fertiliser remains strong. The challenge for our customers is to maintain or increase production and quality while cutting fertilisation levels. We believe this can be done by correct use of our BreenFlex range of fertilisers.

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