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Specialist suppliers of liquid fertilisers, amenity, horticulture & crop protection products, grass seeds, EM silage/slurry additives
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We Are Breen Agri

Our agronomic focus is regeneration for the next generation. Caring for the soil. Caring for the customer. Caring for our future

Breen Agri

About Our Company

Breen Agricultural Services Ltd. is a family run business established in Wexford in 1983.

We provide our customers with an expert service, tailored to suit each individual farm. We provide advice, products and systems that allow you to get the best of today and thrive into the future.

While we advise on the ethical use of agrochemicals, we champion the use of our environmentally friendly fertiliser systems. Regenerative agriculture is our priority.

Breen agricultural services: Caring for the soil. Caring for our customer. Caring for our future

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News & Updates

Nitrous oxide field trials and scorch tests

In our newsletter from april, we wrote about nitrous oxide (N2O), and the problems it presents as a strong climate gas, formed during the transformation...
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Done with cereals. What about the other crops?

Cereal fertilization done. Now what? With foliar fertilizers from Flex Fertilizer System, you can fertilize your cereals, like wheat, barley, rye and oat, until around...
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Late fertilisation – Tips and Ideas

  For many years, it has been common practice, to apply most or all of your fertiliser fairly early, here in Denmark. For e.g....
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